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RH Tree Consultants provide arboricultural services with the aim to preserve trees, develop risk management strategies and enhance businesses within the domestic and commercial sectors.

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Professional Consultancy and Tree Management

The benefits of trees are varied and many. Whether converting Carbon Dioxide into Oxygen, filtering pollutants, sequestering Carbon, providing shade, reducing flood risk, providing habitat, improving physical or mental health, even increasing the value of property, the importance of trees is undeniable. At RH Tree Consultants Ltd, we look to help you maintain your trees in a low risk, practical way. Our aim is to help you to get proactive rather than reactive with your management, whilst fulfilling you or your client's 'duty of care' as landowners under the Occupiers' Liability Act 1957. We can provide fully qualified, experienced and insured consultants to help find solutions to tree management.

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"After a competitive selection process, we partnered up with RH Tree Consultants to provide assistance with developing our business.

 Rory Provided an exceptional level of expertise and is shown to be highly competent in all aspects of domestic and commercial arboriculture. Changes to the business implemented by Rory and his team, have had an immediate top-to-bottom effect on our company.

 We value RH Tree Consultants input and continue to work closely with them."

Adam Arnold, Director of GraftinGardeners Ltd

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